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I love accessories and if you've been keeping up with me that shouldn't come as a surprise to you. I mean, I have a weakness for all accessories and I blame my Mom entirely. Yes Joan, if you're reading this, it's all your fault!!!

Growing up I would be in awe of Mom's extensive collection and played with all her pieces. She has accessories in every color, size and shape. From jewelry, to belts, to scarves, sunglasses and shoes; that woman is the #accessoryqueen. 

I post a a lot of my accessories on IG from my very own collection and often get asked for sources. Today I'm sharing a few pieces & linking to similar ones as many of my accessories are vintage, belonged to Mom or are no longer available. Continue reading to see what I have lined up for you! It's pretty darn good!

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Hello love bugs! I hope you had a good weekend. Have you ever found yourself saving your pieces for a special occasion or do you refuse to wear a look until you get the perfect accessory? I do this often, sometimes  having unworn pieces for a year or more and the change in seasons don't help with my stubborn ways!

Putting together a look is a creative process for me as well as a way to express myself. Much like my DIY projects or when I'm decorating an event or space; I have a vision and won't stop until that vision comes to life. Do you do this when putting together a look or creative project? Can't stop, won't stop! 

Continue reading to see the piece I'm referring to and also how you can re-create this look. 

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