Hi I’m Krystle, Creative Director and Digital Content Creator from New York City! Vintage shopping, traveling, dancing, and eating ice cream are a few of my favorite things. I'm originally from Guyana and moved to NYC over 10 years ago. With over 9 years of blogging, as well as digital advertising and marketing experience in the tech space, I create colorful content with the mission of empowering women to express their unique selves through the way they look and live. 

On my blog I write about vintage meets modern style, interior and event decor, culture, travel, women's empowerment, and my numerous DIY projects.

My love for fashion and decor originates from two very important women in my life—my mother and grandmother. I’m currently preparing to  launch my new accessory shop called Lillian & Joan as a tribute to their influence in my life so be on the lookout for more details!

turbans and tassels

What's a piece in your closet you wear to make more of a statement?

“I wear many statement pieces from my clothing to lipstick to jewelry to purses but I think turbans, half turbans, and head-wraps pack a punch. They offer what I refer to as my signature retro-glam style and here's my little secret—they're perfect for lazy hair days. I’ll be offering a unique selection of handmade turbans in my new accessory shop so be on the lookout for those.”

p.s. Read more about my style as well as my #RetroAlterEgo over on Thoughtful Flamingo!


I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
— Philippians 4:13