Krystle DeSantos is a namesake creative brand empowering women to express their authentic selves through the way they look and live.

Run by Krystle DeSantos - decorator, style-enthusiast, vintage lover and creative blogger

I can't remember a time when I wasn't intrigued by decor, fashion, vintage pieces and DIY projects. As a little girl I’d make dollhouses out of old cardboard boxes and decorate them with all sorts of knick knacks. I'd make curtains for the windows out of fabric scraps and would also use the same scraps to make outfits for my dolls. Creating is engrained in my DNA and using my hands to make something brings me utter joy.  

My introduction to fashion came at a very early age from my Mother and Grandmother who were both very stylish in their own unique way. Observing their way of dress helped me develop a love for timeless yet bold styles from their collective eras. My Grandmother’s style reflected a mix of decades (she lived a long life) and ranged from the late1920's through the1950's with sprinkles of 1960s and 1970s mixed in. Mom on the other hand has a strong 1960’s through early 1980s flair that still carries  with her today.  Both women were highly creative, thoughtful, loved beautiful things and had a passionate for fashion! I was lucky enough to inherit those traits and I’m extremely grateful to them for that. Every-time I refer to one of their pieces I'm wearing or even their personal style/designs as vintage I'm tickled because I grew up with their influences being the foundation of my taste and style.  

Although we didn't have typical "vintage" shops in Guyana, my introduction and early appreciation for vintage styles came from wearing hand me down items from my Grandmother and Mom. I remember spending hours at our Seamstresses's house as they both designed their clothing and had the pieces made. My Mom was also an accessory queen and rocked them like no other. As a child I played dress up with all her beaded necklaces, bangles, earrings, shoes and purses and here's a little secret, I still do today! 

Because of these women, I am also creative and have a strong sense of personal style. I began designing many of my own outfits as a teenager and even decorated my prom and first wedding gig at the age of 16.  My personal style is eclectic, fun and embodies retro-style with a modern-twist or as I often call it Modern-Vintage; Tropical-Glam Panache! I love mixing vintage pieces with modern ones for a fresh 21st century take as well as styling modern pieces to give them a more retro-vibe. The tropical-glam aspect of my style literally comes from growing up in a tropical country and also reflects how my Guyanese culture directs my aesthetics in all aspects of my life including decor & style.

As mentioned, I grew up in Guyana and upon graduating high school, I moved to NYC  to attend college. I had all intentions of becoming a Doctor, a profession that many Caribbean children pursue (besides being a Lawyer) but after two years of pre-medical coursework (ouch!) I decided to change the course of my educational journey and switched majors. The decision was challenging at that time and I was also moving off campus into my very first apartment so I felt a bit overwhelmed. I was unsure of my future and turned to DIY projects and decorating as familiar yet reassuring activities. There was always something about creating with my hands that gave me a feeling of stability. Shortly after moving into my apartment, I launched my first blog; Crafty Habit as well as my jewelry/accessory Etsy shop, Krystyle Handmade Accessories where I sold my own creations. While I no longer update that blog or shop, it was a magical time for me as I developed an affinity for digital platforms as a way to express my eclectic style and showcase my creative work. 

In 2010, I graduated with a B.A. in Women's Studies and embarked on a new journey in Digital Marketing & Advertising at Apartment Therapy. I spent 3 wonderful years there before transitioning to LinkedIn, a social media and Technology company where I currently work & play.  

Krystle DeSantos has a dual purpose of being a decor, style, vintage and DIY resource for you as well as creative outlet for me. I want you to feel empowered to express who you are through these various creative forms while living a purpose-driven life. Let's get together and have lots of fun! Feel free to comment or drop me a note. I'd love to hear from you!



  1. Drink: Passion fruit juice, Thai tea and tropical cocktails with umbrellas and flamingo straws

  2. Dessert: Ice Cream (Ginger, Dark Chocolate, Earl Gray, Vanilla Bean & Mud Pie)

  3. Food: Mom's curry chicken, dhal, steamed okra, rice, jerk chicken and Thai

  4. Makeup: Blush/Bronzer, Mascarra & Lipstick

  5. Lipstick color: Classic Red, Exotic Pink and Tangerine

  6. Music: Reggae, Dacehall,Calypso, Soca & Beyoncé (she's a music genre, no?). I love all types of music actually!

  7. Home Decor items: Vintage furniture and glassware, culturally-influenced art & textiles and objects made of brass

  8. Clothing: Vintage, vintage, vintage & custom handmade!

  9. Accessories: Tassel earrings and statement everything! I'm an accessory lover and down-low jewelry hoarder.

  10. Color: Gold & flamingo pink.


I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
— Philippians 4:13