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Hello darlings, Mildred here! Did you miss me?

If you’re new to the blog, allow me to re-introduce myself! I’m Krystle’s #RetroAlterEgo and ice cream companion! I am to Krystle as Sasha Fierce is to Beyoncé. I pop into town quite often to visit and whenever she takes a trip I’m sure to accompany her to get some sweet treat! It’s a tradition of ours to get ice cream every time we go on vacation and her recent trip to Panama was no exception. 

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Happy Swimsuit Saturday! I usually don't post over the weekend but I couldn't wait any longer to share this post with you. Okay, I meant to share it yesterday but then I thought this would be find for Swimsuit Saturday.

There's nothing like spending a beautiful day, basking in the sun, building sand castles and taking a dip in the ocean waters. I love the beach and my favorite style to rock while there is retro, of course! 

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Summer, summer, summertime! Just a few months ago I was on vacation in Panama basking in the glorious sunlight hoping it would erase all of my Winter blues and as I laid there I couldn't help but hope NYC would warm up soon. We had a long winter but fast forward to today and we're all glowing in the big apple; ready for swimsuit season!  For me swim-season usually means it's time to pull out my summer turbans, tassels and tropical printed pieces. 

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We’re still a couple weeks away from the official calendar start to Summer and the temperature reflects that well. IWe’ve actually been experiencing Summer spikes in temps that then drop back down to cooler Spring like temps and even though I’ve been living in NYC for quite sometimes I still find that to be weird.

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