I was once asked if I was a “Femi-nazi” by a Lawer after telling him my Bachelor’s was in Women’s Studies and that I was a feminist. He asked me this in front of his wife at her Graduation no less and then followed up with the question, "do you hate men?"

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Truth be told. I planned to shoot a couple Valentine’s Day looks this weekend for you gals but I was feeling a little low on energy ( I think I need to beef up my intake of iron & vitamin D) so I decided to just relax. This can be challenging for me because I always want to use my extra time when I’m not at work to create content and when I don’t, I feel like I’ve wasted time. Do you ever feel that way?

I recently listened to a podcast with Oprah and Brene Brown and they talked about the importance of not always being on and that we need time to recharge. Easier said than done but I’m working on it, especially when it comes to my mind because boy oh boy, that thing can go nine knots an hour (as we say in Guyana). 

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Weeeee! It's almost that time of year to celebrate L-O-V-E and I am pumped! I love celebrating love and my love language is that of giving and receiving gifts, mostly receiving (lol). Don't take my word for it though, this quiz confirmed what I'd known for years. Honestly, truly!

So with that being said, I bring you my annual love language guide full of gifts in shades of my favorite color, pink! So show your sweethearts, galentines, sisters and Moms just how much you care unless they speak a diff love language and in that case I can't help you cus I'm all about the gifts. 

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