Everyone and their grandmother knows how much I love Queen Bey! I have a great appreciation for Beyonce's work ethic, music and style.  I've followed her since I was a teenager and one of my most memorable moments was watching the Baby Boy (featuring Sean Paul) video. I loved her outfits, hairstyles, dance moves and that beat was everything! 

In my recent post about my vacation style I added a cute collage with a dress I wore that looked somewhat similar to one Bey wore and this sparked an idea to do a roundup of 5 times when we dressed alike.

Beyonce and I don't actually dress in the same outfits (I have Student Loans to pay) except for the time when she wore a dress from Anthropologie in her Blue video. My best friend and I both have that dress and freaked out when we saw the video. Enjoy my light-hearted post about Beyonce and I dressing alike and have a happy International Women's Day!