Hello darlings! I trust you're having a good day. As you probably know already, I create a monthly DIY article for focused on home decor projects. I really enjoy doing these projects but sometimes my busy schedule doesn't permit me to get as elaborate with my craft projects as I'd like. I work a "9-5" so I'm often trying to squeeze in as much creative time when I leave work and on the weekends. For this reason, I try to keep my projects as simple as possible. I imagine your life is pretty busy as well so I keep that in mind when putting together these projects. I want you to be able to complete the DIY and be happy with your final piece! 

I made this simple woven-inspired wall hanging for the month of May and it took me about 15 minutes altogether. This piece can add a pop of color and texture as well as an interesting, handmade design element to your space. 

Click here to read about the inspiration behind this DIY project and see the full tutorial that only requires 3 items!