It's going up to 80 degrees today in NYC and feels like we've skipped Spring and jumped right to Summer! I'm not complaining because I love the warm weather and any excuse to leave my coat where it belongs; in the closet! I plan on soaking up some sunshine today and if you're anywhere warm & sunny, I hope you do too. 

It's the perfect day to step out and have a scoop or two or three because what's an 80 degree day without sweet treats?

This look is inspired by my all time favorite dessert and incorporates a few pieces I wore last Spring including my frilly pink glitter socks, pastel block heels with pink bow and mint green jeans


Yes my friends! That's an ice cream cone purse. I repeat, an ice cream cone purse covered in pink glitter!!!! 

I always have fun wearing socks with heels. It looks adorable and is perfect for times when you haven't had a chance to get a pedicure,  but want to wear open toe shoes. No pedi? No problem! 

How adorable is this picnic bench and table set? I just love the color combined with the yellow umbrella. Can someone say "Summer-time shine!"

I scored these cute ice cream cone earrings thrifting and suspect they'll be on repeat all Spring/Summer! 

In Guyana, no one would want to get licks (equivalent of spankings) so I thought this sign was funny. 

The first ice cream shop was crowded with a long line so we left with all intentions of returning but never got around to it. That didn't stop my ice cream loving heart though. I got my fix from another shop which is actually one of my favorites in the area! 

Wherever you are, I hope it's great weather that allows you to get out for some sweet treat!

Welcome warm weather, I've been waiting for you!!!!!