SUNNY DAYS WITH MY #RetroAlterEgo ☀️


Happy Friday y’all! I could start by telling you some lovely anecdote about this poolside look in Nairobi but to be fully transparent I was struggling with what to blog about today and almost didn’t write this post. Recently I’ve been dealing with some life stuff that has been taking up much of my time and while I’m also using it to invest in myself, I feel a bit slowed down.

At the beginning of the year I made a commitment to post on the blog every Monday & Friday and today I was tempted to not stay accountable to that commitment. I thought who’s reading this anyway, who’ll notice? Then in that very moment I realized how I was trying to talk myself out of writing this post and giving myself excuse after excuse. That’s when I called BS on Krys and now here I am, keeping my commitment with this post of Mildred my #RetroAlterEgo living her best retro-poolside life in Kenya.

Now, I won’t keep you too long because I have to run some errands, but I’ll quickly tell you; this one-piece swimsuit is ’everythang!’ If you’ve seen any of my other swim posts then you may have noticed how much I love this brand of swimwear I found on Amazon. It’s called COCOSHIP and I adore all their retro styles, whimsical prints and budget friendly prices. As far as the fit is concerned, they tend to run small so I go up one size and that usually does the trick for my lovely lady lumps.

Whew! I’m done with this post and kept my commitment to sticking to my schedule. Now tell me, what are some of the ways you push through and keep your commitments in life?