Well, that’s it! Summer is over and the cooler crisp Fall air is finally upon us. I know so many of you are prepping your wardrobes, storing away your cute Summer pieces, pulling out your Lenny Kravitz scarves and preparing to go apple and pumpkin picking, but what if I told you too keep those Summer pieces out. What if I told you, you could wear all your cute Summer cotton dresses this Fall?

Yes my darlings, that’s right! Now I know this doesn’t sound very practical coming from a girl who dresses like she’s on a tropical vacation 365 days of the year (see Exhibit A of what I wore back in the Winter). 

Exhibit A

Exhibit A

Yes, I was over the cold weather and needed a pick me up but don’t worry I had door to door service and wore an extremely warm coat. I detest feeling cold (ask anyone) so I’ll never leave you out in the cold. See what I did there? 😏

Anywhoo, today I’m showing you one of my style tricks on how to wear Summer dresses during the early days of Fall because GURL, you could save all that storage-unit money and buy some new shoes, okurrr!

Now, I know many are used to throwing on a leather jacket over their Summer wear to transition but my trick is to layer any long sleeved top/tee/sweater under your dress! Let’s do a twirl for that cleverness!


I do this in the Spring as well (see my quick tip here) but with shorter sleeves. This trick works exceptionally well at prolonging the number of wears you get out of a piece and keeps you warm even after you remove your jacket, because not everyone wants to have brunch with their leather jacket on. I also love that it looks like it could be an entire dress on it’s own and the options to print mix are endless. Whoot, whoot!

So will you give this a try? Of course you will and that’s why I took some initiative and rounded up modern & vintage pieces  for ya (at the end of the post) so you can get the look. Be sure to check it out! 


My dress is vintage and if you keep up with me on IG, you know this top is one I wear over and over again. I just love a stripe tee as a basic in my closet. My purse is another one of my style tricks (see here) and my jelly heels are perfect for Fall days when the ground is wet.  This layering trick works well for early Fall temps but I have some other tricks I’ll share in an upcoming post for when  the temps dip even more! 

I hope you enjoyed today’s post! If so, drop me a comment and let me know any of your Fall style tricks.